Mikaela – I Will Snap Your Neck Reality Girls

Mikaela looks ultra-beautfiul with her perfect black hair pinned back by a baseball cap worn backwards while she watches TV and headscissors Chad. Mikaela is so much stronger than her slave. She controls him, changing the challens on the TV with the remote she says she will beat him with. Her anaconda headscissors swallow his throat as she pinches his nose then clamps back down on the hold that turns him purple. Mik admires her quad, turning it over on his jaw, slapping it in admiring its composition. She doesn’t like that he can talk and turns her attention from television to crushing his trach. She slaps him in the face with her hat and puts it back on while headscissoring him. A figure four headscissors finds him fading and sputtering. He whines and she mocks him. "i will snap your neck," she says jerking his neck in the hold. "That calf is pretty intense, huh?" she says of her super-human calf muscle digging into his neck. Skullcrushers that change the shape of his face as her quads flex. Mikaela looks as beautiful here as ever. The baseball cap is hot. A rear naked choke swallows him as heer tan arms explode. An armbar — a figure-four in which she wraps up his own arm she uses to hurt him. The anaconda headscissors turns him blue as she punches her own quad, showing off how solid it is. She laughs at his desperate sounds from her one-legged calf choke. More long anaconda throatscissors. She slaps his face, hard. "Stop moving!" she says, slapping him again and again. Mik relaxes as he suffers. She won’t let him move without a hard slap as he begins to panic and she runs her hand along her rock-hard thigh flexing over his neck. He dares to cough on her so she gets him in her shoulder-breaker, then a hammer lock. She drapes a pillow over his eyes as she crushes his jaw in her vise grip headscissors and he gets silent as she stares at TV. She tells him it’s time for him to pay for her nails getting done. Mik gets mad and her ankles slap as she cranks out a straight headscissors looking perfectly pretty as his eyes start to go and she laughs.