Meana Wolf – Campus Butcher

For weeks now boys on campus have been turning up butchered in their dorm rooms. The police have been investigating, but thus far they have no leads…The Campus Butcher they call him…or her. The tension on campus has been building as the bodies keep being found, sliced up…handcuffed…and gagged in their beds. In fact it’s been so stressful that the students grades have begun to suffer…not that that really concerns you. Your athletic scholarship pretty much guarantees your passing grades in all of your classes. You’re mostly here to play football and chase tail…so today when a sexy young girl just came up to you and put her hand down your pants and said, "Take me to your dorm and fuck me", you had no qualms about skipping class. In your dorm room she undressed you immediately and climbed on top of you. Grinding against you in her tight jean shorts, she started talking about the fact that she’s a Forensic Psychology Major. Her pussy moistens as the two of you start talking about the Campus Butcher…she then begins to reveal some very interesting details about the case and why she knows for a fact that the Campus Butcher is a woman. She handcuffs you to the bed and tapes your mouth shut before you even realize what’s going on. What else has she brought in her little bag of tricks? She reveals all as she rides your cock…moaning and laughing with psychotic ecstasy as she takes your life from you with every.