Mariah and Natalya Vega – Two Gassy Vegans Share a Fart Slave Brat Princess

Mariah and Natalya are on a cleanse. They have been doing yoga and drinking a special vegan drink. The cleanse is making their tummies feel funny and gassy. The girls decide to do some yoga poses to help shift and relieve the gas. They call their male slave into the room to sniff in all their farts as they work them out of their systems. The girls do not want to smell themselves or each other. They want the male slave to filter the air and take in the smell while they continue their yoga practice. The girls are not happy about their gas pains and they take it out on the slave with moodiness. The slave tries his best to keep the pretty girls happy by sniffing their farts. He has to crawl back and forth between the girls since they both have gas. The girls have some difficulty getting the gas to move, but the yoga poses help bring them some relief.

While the girls wait for the gas to move, they have their male slave lick their armpits. Their armpits are sweaty from all the yoga. Anytime a girl feels a fart coming on, the slave must immediately stop cleaning armpits and sniff up the fart. Then, the girls want their stinky yoga feet cleaned. Again, any time a girl feels a fart coming on, the slave must immediately stop cleaning feet and sniff up the fart. The girls get a snack because they think that maybe some healthy fruit will help move their gas. The girls are right! A delicious raw vegan snack of banana shifts things in both girls’ tummies and unleashes a barrage of farts right in the slave’s face.