Mandy Marx – Millennial Brat Turns Sex Doll TeaseAndThankYou

Grand Finale. Incredible two weeks, maybe I saved the best for last! Kat comes in. Wants to give up the struggle, the stress, the drama. Just be a sex doll, and take my training program. It is tempting. I get it. I load her in. The program is intense, pure pleasure, pure tease. Soon enough, she’s my mindwiped plaything, to give away, use, or sell as I wish. Her mind, gone, her pleasure center, pure bliss. Alive to serve. Just a doll. Only, in a moment of weakness. I decide to try her out myself. So hot! Holy damn! Concludes with my seeing how much fun we had. and eyeing that training program myself. This came out so good, discount price, so more of you can see it! Clip #12 of 12 in my July of Terror Femdom reign! July 1-14. Only the best! Collect all 12! But the reign is just beginning, really.