Mama Fiona – Yes Mom! PLS Take My Virginity

Solo with mom roleplay, she shows cleavage, uses a dildo to give virtual handjob, blowjob, ends with virtual oral creampie. Gets naked, virtual sex (with the dildo) in reverse cowgirl, ends with virtual creampie.

“Wow sweetheart I cannot believe you’re already going off to college! You have grown up so quickly, and I know how hard you’ve worked. But, there’s one thing I really do regret hunny – and that’s the fact that I didn’t push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to girls. You’re still a virgin! I love you so much darling, and I think its very important for you to have some experience before heading off to the big leagues. I know you’ve always kind of had a thing for me hunny. so. If its alright its you, I’d like to be the one to show you the ropes. I know alllll your little fetishes. I know how much you love momma’s ass and momma’s feet, and I know exactly the way to show them off to you while we’re getting intimate! I also know how much you love to be teased. and don’t worry hunny – if you cum too early, I’ll have you up again in no time! When you go off to school darling – you’re going to be SO glad that your m o m ma was the one to give you some experience!!! Let me suck your cock until you burst, then lets fuck while giving you perfect views of my ass and feet. I’m going to make you cum HARD!!! There is no pussy like your mothers!”