Madam Violet – VIOLET Fire

Classic, deep sensual trance. Exquisite sexual seduction leading to a delicious orgasm and of course PERMANENT PROGRAMMING.
Igniting a VIOLET FIRE inside your body, your mind and your cock. So that you burn for ME for always. Building inside of you a desire for Me that cannot be extinguished, a need to PLEASE and serve ME becomes your main motivator, your overriding objective.
Deep in My control I encourage you to stroke, adding more fuel to the VIOLET FIRE, using My juicy breasts, perfect arse and beautiful face to CHAIN you to Me forever.
This VIOLET FIRE cannot be extinguished, in fact it has always burned inside of you, always will, the VIOLET FIRE called you to Me and here you are, here you will stay. Mesmerised, mind-controlled and sexually connected to your One True Goddess for all of time.
Now CUM for Me. Always for Me, inflaming the VIOLET FIRE inside your soul, your mind and COCK.
Contains: deep mesmerise, mental domination, sensual domination, mind fuck, female domination, goddess worship, joi, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, tit worship, ass worship, mental programming, conditioning, trance metaphor, mind control, slave training.