Madam Cat, Lexi and Sun – Bullying in the army: 3 girls vs one guy Czech Soles

Army is tough and especially when you’re a troublesome guy in a mostly girls’ unit. Jack is in team with 2 other girls and he constantly puts them in trouble. Right now a commander, another woman coincidentally, is on her way to summon them up and do a revision. All 3 of them are surprised and run on the summoning ground but Jack, the only guy there is late, in wrong cloths and just unprepared. The commander checks them up and because of Jack she punishes them all, as a team.
The girls are outraged and they want to give Jack a lesson for this. To teach him to be prepared they beat him up a little, bully him and make him smell their boots and socks and feet. That will teach him!
But all of the sudden the commander returns and starts to scream at them trying to find out what the hell is going on here?! Girls explain they are giving Jack a lesson to remember how to be prepared all the time. Jack hopes the commander will save him but boy, was he wrong…The commander joins the girls in their bullying and all 3 of them have now Jack as their subordinate foot slave. He’s in trouble now!