Lyndra Lynn – Manure Shower Manure Fetish

Lyndra Lynn loves exploring new things. Today she wants to try out the new Manure Shower, which is nicer than bathing in hot cow dung. She pulls on the chain and can hardly wait till the manure flows down on her. The manure starts flowing slowly at first but it gets faster quickly. She stands right under the pipe and covers her chest first, but then wants the full experience. She holds her head under the sloppy flow of cow dung and enjoys it visibly. Of course that turns her on, so she starts to undress and let everything drip down on her. She lays down in the basin and covers herself now completely. She positioned her pussy right under the pipe so the sloppy cow dung dripped right onto her pussy, which is an extremely nice feeling which arouses her a lot. She starts playing with the dung and grabs her dildo to fuck her wet pussy. Lyndra enjoys the experience very much and doesn’t hold back, she’s holding her head under the dripping pipe again so the big sloppy bits of cowshit are dripping all over her face again, she even opens her mouth because she wants to taste it. In the end she masturbates with her dildo while the creamy manure is hitting her clitoris hard.