Lucid Lavender – Chastity Truly Turns You Into A Mindless Goon 25.07.2021

I know why you’re here and why you keep coming back. I’m really starting to understand the full effect I have on you which means that I’ll only be able to affect you more and more each time. Do you think I can twist your mind up right now? Does what I do to you intrigue you and get you a little addicted? You just can’t seem to break away. You need to know how I’m going to bring you in even deeper under my control. I make you jerk off, again and again, I bring you right to the edge, you’re so close to cumming, but you can’t. You can’t cum, you can’t stop stroking your cock which is locked in your chastity device, and do you know how hard it is to cum when you’re in there? It’s extremely hard. So you could be stroking in chastity for hours while you’re right on the edge.
And you need to hear my voice and see me while you jerk so you keep coming back and watching my clips. There’s something so comforting about my voice, isn’t there? But also something mischievous about it because you know the more you see me and hear my voice, the more you’re going to miss it when you’re not watching me, the more you’re going to think about it while you’re at work. How about right now? You bought this video, did you miss me? You bought a chastity clip so I know one thing that you’re into. Control. Denial. Not being able to cum even when you want to. Do you need that device? Do you need chastity so that you don’t lose control? Do you find yourself losing control often?
I know some guys can be in chastity for days, some for weeks. It’s that excitement of pushing boundaries, seeing how much you can handle. The first time you wake up in chastity and wondered why you did this to yourself knowing I have the kay and I’m very far away. It’s a little frustrating, you’re so horny, you just want to jerk but you can’t. You just want to stroke and play freely but you can’t because you’re caged, caged for me. I love knowing that I have boys locked out there. I love thinking about your cock growing in that cage but it can’t get very big, can it? No, it just starts pressing against the sides, it wants to come out through the holes.
You’re a pervy fetish boy, you just can’t hold yourself back from certain things, you need chastity, you need control. You’re so conflicted because you want it and you need it but you also want to jerk so badly at the same time. And I know you’ve tried to make yourself cum while you’re in chastity but it’s not an easy thing to do and your device is so you can control that but have you ever lost control? You tried so hard but you just couldn’t, could you? It felt good and you were just so close, but you couldn’t cum.
Without the cage, you could cum so quickly but with the cage, you’re førced to edge while you’re unable to go over the edge. You get so defeated when you realize that it’s not going to happen. For it to happen you’d have to take off your cage but you don’t really want to do that either. Because you know you need this. You used to jerkoff freely but now you have a cage on your cock and I’m holding your key. Now there’s me and I control when you cum, if you cum. It’s not in your hands anymore. All the power now lies with me, with the key to your cage and you not being able to cum. You can stroke all you want but I don’t think it’s ever going to work through.
I want you to understand that I know what I’m doing to you. I know exactly what I’m doing to you. I’m turning you into a mindless goon. Lots of girls think they understand gooning, but not like I do. You’re just another boy who can’t control himself, just another boy who needs a powerful woman to teach him, to show him what it means to be under somebody, to teach him what it means to truly be a goon. You’re not in control of your own cock. You gave that away and I manipulated you and turned you into a mindless goon. I know your weakness and I’ve snatched it out from under you so I can use it to make myself stronger and you want to make me stronger, just like I want to make you weaker. You thought that stroking turned you into a mindless goon, but really, it’s not being able to cum that makes you a true brainless goon.

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