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Cum Inside Me
I’m on top of you and I want you so bad. Just give me a quick fuck. I know we don’t have a condom, but I swear you can pull out. Watch me strip fast for you and ride your cock, watch my tits bounce in your face, watch me moan as I cum with your cock buried in my pussy. So hot. Now it’s your turn to cum. And I want you to cum inside me. No, don’t pull out! Cum deep inside me and get me pregnant.

Dacryphilia (Crying Fetish)
Stare into my gorgeous eyes and see the pain in them as I quietly cry in front of you. You don’t know why I’m crying, and I won’t tell you. Watch my lips quiver as the tears stream down my face, taking my makeup with them. At the end, I’ll give you a close-up view of my stunning, tear-streaked face.

Don’t Cum
Let’s see if you can hold your orgasm as I look into your eyes and whisper, “Don’t cum,” over and over again, my eyes rolling and my voice growing more breathless with every word. I’ll also tease you with brief glimpses of a sexy striptease, revealing my luscious tits, full bush, hairy armpits, and stubbly thighs. I’m begging you not to cum, but will you be able to stop yourself?

Femdom Girlfriend Owns Your Cock
At first I sweetly tell you to jerk off for me, and I even tell you how fast I want you to stroke your cock by saying “up, down” over and over again at different speeds as I smile at you. Before you know it, I’m commanding you to edge, calling you names and telling you what a pathetic loser and cum-eater you are. As you stare into my intense eyes, I command you to stop stroking and I remind you how useless you are, and who controls you. But then I’m back to being sweet again, gently coaxing you to stroke that cock up and down for me. Soon I’m back to name-calling and demanding that you edge for me. If I get my way, you’ll ruin your orgasm for me, and lick up every drop of your filthy cum. And I WILL get my way. Right, baby?

Hairy Ass Facesitting Punishment
You’re been thinking dirty thoughts of me, haven’t you? Well, now you have to be punished. You’re going to get underneath me where I can sit on your face and cover you with my amazing hairy ass. Getting breathless just thinking about it, aren’t you?

One Last Time
You’re my ex and you’ve come over to my house to try to get me back, but I don’t want you. I’ve been with several other people since we split. Look into my eyes as I regard you with disdain, and watch my red lips as I teasingly confess there is one last thing you can do for me. You can get down on your knees and eat my gorgeous, hairy pussy one last time. Watch me strip seductively and writhe in my bed as you fuck me with your tongue, your face buried in my bush, tasting my wetness and witnessing my pleasure as I cum.

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Nude Tease in Sheer Nylon Pantyhose
I know about your fetish for nude nylons. You’re going to love watching me try on a pair and model them for you. From the delicate seams at the toes, to the form-fitting waist, to the small snag on one thigh…every part of these pantyhose will turn you on. Not to mention my hairy pussy and long limbs – stunning!

Orgasm in Heels
Watch me pleasure myself with my wand vibrator as I lie back on my bed, wearing only a pair of sexy, shiny, black high heels. Seeing my long, pale legs spread to reveal my luscious, hairy pussy will feel like a dream. You’ll even be able to hear how wet I get as I rub the vibrator over my clit, moaning and gasping as I try to control myself before surrendering to waves of ecstasy.

Victorian-esque Topless Tease
Watch me slowly, seductively undress from my gorgeous Victorianesque outfit, including a black velvet jacket, a white ruffled shirt, and a black corset. Then watch me tantalize you some more in my long, black skirt, swishing it back and forth as I rock my hips from side to side. The skirt will hide my long legs and amazing bush, but you’ll love seeing my perky, pink nipples and gorgeous hairy armpits as I dance for you.

Sensual Strap-On JOI with Rings
If you love jerk-off instruction and sexy whispers, you’ll love this video. I’m wearing lacy lingerie and silver rings on my long fingers as I tease my dildo in a strap-on, imagining it’s your cock in my hands. You won’t be able to resist my sweet voice gentle commands as I massage your shaft and caress your head, telling you how much I love the feel of you in my hands, how I can feel the cum pulsing inside you, ready to explode. I’ll show you close-up views of my hands rubbing my dildo between my luscious, hairy thighs that will leave your mouth watering. You’ll be able to hear my rings gliding over your lubricated cock, making all sorts of seductive sounds to push you over the edge into ecstasy.

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