Lexi and Nika – Simp Footworship in Park Brat Princess

Beta did such a good job on their homework this week! They got all A PLUSES! That means he gets to join the girls at the park for a great foot worship session. The girls just got out of the gym. So, he gets to taste the sweat from their workout. How lucky is he?! The girls sit on the bench and have slave take off their shoes and smell their feet and kiss them. Princess feet are the best. No one deserves them unless they do something great like ace tests! The girls decide they want new red bottoms. That means he needs to work overtime to be able to afford them. The girls check and make sure he is in chastity. YUP! Still in chastity of course. Worshipping their feet will probably make him hard so its good he is caged. The girls humiliate him and put him in his place with their feet in his mouth he is so weak and knows he needs to keep working and be better so he can afford their every need.