Lady Scarlet – The forced foot smelling socks captive

You are back from the sport… In sexy leggings outfit with stinking black socks, you drink a glass of water and go to your room where you hold your victim captive and tie in an eagle with very tight straps of tape on the mouth. She doesn’t know what’s going on, she screams, she looks at you with a lot of hatred but you’re the Mistress! She cries. You are going to sniff my feet today… you show her your shod feet, you take off your shoes in a sexy position, you pinch her nose to start and put your feet in black socks on her nose so that she breathes. Then you will do lots of positions sexy. When you make her feel your feet in socks I want that you laugh because she is blocked and can not run away. You taunt her, she cries and cries and after 7 minutes you take off your black socks, you pose your pretty feet in black nail polish and have your feet sniffed in sexy positions. I want your feet in black socks and white or black sneakers preferably.