Lady Scarlet – Family rules

CUSTOM REQUEST – Situation: After your previous teaching, you have established confidence at home! You prefer to cultivate stepdaughters into your private slaves! When you get back home from work, your stepdaughter is cleaning, but pretends she can’t see you so not to change your shoes. You think she doesn’t respect you and she doesn’t obey your family rules. You sit on the couch and let your stepdaughter get in front of you. Slap her face. The stepdaughter helplessly asks "why you beat me?". Keep slapping her asking if she forgot the rules you set.
Make her kneel in front of you and order her to change your slippers, then ask her questions, if the answer is wrong slap her face. Dialogue:
Question 1 – What shoes do I wear ? She answers: 37 – You say: wrong! I wear 39.
Question 2 – What do I have to do with you? She answers: You are my stepmother! You say: NO now you are my slave!
Question 3 – Rule 1 What do you need to do when I get home ? She answers: Clean the house. You say: You were wrong! You should clean before I get home. You did not do your job so the punishment is 10 slaps!
After you say your feet are very tired because of the heels and make her massage your feet. Tell her "today you did not follow the rules, as punishment you can’t eat, so if you are hungry lick my feet!". Command her to start licking your feet and finally tell her you are sick of hearing her voice so order her to take the black tape and shut her mouth with it. Eventually climb on her to make her your mat: you put your feet on her waist while you play with your cell phone.