Lady Scarlet and Mistress Gaia – Double suffering

This slave has no escape today: on the floor on all fours and in complete control of three very sadistic mistresses. Together with my friends Gaia and Tatiana we hurl ourselves on this worm, to inflict different types of suffering on him. I start with the whip on his back while Tatiana puts a foot in his mouth pushing it well into his throat: Gaia helps by pushing the slave’s head and with a few kicks in his stomach. Each one of us wants to try all the practices and so we take turns. Now it is Gaia who takes his breath away by pushing her foot deep into the slave’s throat while Tatiana whips his back and I assist both of them. In the end it’s up to me to put my foot in his mouth but I like to exaggerate and I put both my feet breaking his mouth and leaving him breathless. Before we leave, we admire the red skin on his back for the whipping and we scratch it with our sharp nails.