Lady Dark Angel and Mistress Frankie Babe – Punished At The Draw Of Cards

A slave enters the domain of Lady Dark Angel, having been granted an audience with the Blonde Goddess and Her equally-fiery friend Mistress Frankie. As a gift, he brings them a pack of cards which unsurprisingly astounds the Ladies. Then Lady Dark Angel has a idea about what to do with those cards.

With respect to each card that is drawn by the Ladies and dependent on the colour of the card, a different instrument of correction is selected with punishment awarded in accordance with the number on the card that is drawn. The Ladies then advise him that it is Their Game so the game will be played in accordance with Their Rules. Those rules of course may change at the whim of The Ladies.

This slave was surely in for a hard time as Lady Dark Angel advised him he was going to be at Valhalla, all day. One this is certain, he will surely think carefully as to the gifts he brings these Ladies as neither hold back when They are at play…..