Kat Dior, Jimmy Broadway – Stepdad Is So Fucked! SevereSexFilms

Jimmy is annoyed with his messy stepdaughter Kat; as he’s returning items to her room, he notices her dirty panties and is soon jerking off sniffing them. Kat catches him in the act and proposes an idea – he can sniff the real thing, and have other fun, if he stops bugging her about getting a job and cleaning up. Jimmy quickly agrees and enjoys face sitting, a blow job and fucking. But then, Kat announces she now has enough to blackmail him forever, so unless he wants mom to find out, he’s now her bitch. She demands he amuse her by putting on one of mom’s negligees and clean up her room. In the meantime, she dons a strap-on, makes him suck it and then fucks him in the ass but good.