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My name is Kaitlyn Katsaros, a 23 year old pornographic adult actress. I’m half American and half Greek, I use my real name in the industry, I’m 5’1, 102lbs, I love modifying cars, hiking, film production, and going to music festivals besides performing. I started in the adult industry back in 2016 as a solo webcam model and private Snapchat user, it was only on the side while I was trying to move up in my interior design job at the time, I never knew I’d end up being an actual pornstar. On January 12th, 2020 was my first porno ever, Brazzers reached out to me via Instagram offering me my first scene on a site the own called MOFOS. It ended up being directed and shot by Abella Danger and it turned out amazing! I’m super grateful that my first video ever was a professional scene.

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1st time trying out my fuck machine_10081162
about to clean up_10077334
after shoot poop_10093330
airplane tingz 3_10026388
airport sti bj_10024246
all because i relaxed to pee and a toy got lo_10094643
anal 3_10088229
and me as well_10093634
another angle from my last vid_10081472
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before isin_10023495
before my shoot with freakmob_10023494
blow bang girls clip_10026367
bts from my shoot today_10044767
bts pt 1 with sam crux_10045037
bts pt 2 with sam crux_10045038
bts pt 3 with sam crux_10045039
charles dera_10023904
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creampie filled_10036850
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dropping soon_10040874
editing a new vid i made today_10084608
face punching with natalie brooks_10022155
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facial city round 2_10076373
food poops_10024488
for everyone requesting my feet more_10049849
fucked up_10023493
fucking my asshole_10101023
fucking my ass with some shit_10084086
full movie coming soon featuring kaitlyn kats_10052733
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gia pooping before we start our porno_10093633
had to pause my shower to let some poop out_10036039
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her energy_10085458
hiking 3_10026368
hiking with sick sadist_10023918
hit me 3_10023489
hope everyone is having a good night_10050986
hotel showers_10023488
i 3 piss_10023562
i kept it in for a few hours today so proud_10059783
jesse pony_10085447
just drank my morning coffee_10092298
kaitlyn katsaros franco styles_10023559
kaitlyn katsaros solo_10026385
kaitlyn pukes breakfast on fan_10025371
love the filth_10040783
men that are down with the nasty_10040872
midnight pee with kait lmao_10089830
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morning bj and fuck_10088223
my burning asshole_10099207
my costume for my shoot in a few weeks with r_10036062
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showering 3_10026377
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sick bitches_10020403
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some spit_10082761
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uploading content_10036884
when girls go to the bathroom_10029319
why he always gotta follow me_10062522
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