Kaitlyn Katsaros, Gia Derza – Disgusting Puke Enema & Anal Cum Snort

Not sure if this is two clips stuck together but it starts out with Kaitlyn and Gia talking to the camera man, some black guy, Kaitlyn wants him to hit her to get warmed up. She loves it. Please bare in mind, I don’t really watch a lot of this stuff but unless theres some sound effects happening or just outright fake, it might be the hardest I’ve ever seen a girl get hit in porn. But again, I don’t seek this stuff out, maybe it’s tame…

They start blowing this guy and alternately throat fucking themselves with massive dildos till Kaitlyn eventually pukes over the back of Gia’s head while shes got the guy balls deep in her face.

This goes on for a bit, then Gia gets one of those funnel buttplug things to hold her ass open a few inch and Kaitlyn pukes in it, then Gia ass blasts it back in her face. And some point he might have popped in Gia’s mouth, it’s hard to tell because theres grey puke everywhere.

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The second scene, they all cleaned themselves up, gone to the bedroom, they spend a lot of time blowing this guy, till he starts fucking them both doggy, they take a lot of breaks to blow him and occasionally rim each other and him, eventually he starts doing Gia anal doggy till he pops in her ass and Kaitlyn –

snorts the cum out. With her nose…

After that, she attempts to blow the cum back out her nose into Gia’s mouth.