Jenna St James – Chastity or Penectomy tonight

Finally out of your cage with my yummy pussy smothering your eager-to-please face… Finally feeling my hands slide all over your hard, oiled, desperate cock. It feels so good, you can’t possibly fathom me letting go. You need to stay in this exact moment forever.

You’re probably thinking I’m going to be nice to that cock tonight and let you cum, aren’t you?… But tell me, when am I nice?

I do have a BIG surprise for you, but it’s not what you think. I can feel how excited you are all over my clit right now. And your tongue will be even more eager to talk your way out of this one… It’s going to be VERY hard to talk me out of this one. Oh, but don’t be scared, you can trust me. At least for now… Stay alert, horny boy.

Just keep eating my pussy the way you do when you’re denied and the horniest you’ve ever been… I’ll keep driving you to literal insanity, rubbing you raw without letting you actually go over the edge… And we’ll live happily ever after.

Oh, and don’t mind that feeling of cold metal wrapped around your cock as I startle your face… those are just my scissors and my garden shears… What can I say, I just love threatening and putting your cock in danger. It makes my pussy so wet knowing I could take away the very thing that you hold so dear- your freedom to CUM. Your freedom to STROKE. Your freedom to feel that SWEET and torturous pleasure only I can give you.

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Consider yourself lucky that I’m ONLY denying your penis for now. I had every intention of cutting it off tonight.

Squeezing the handles of those scissors just seemed so satisfying. But now, luckily for you, I’m not done telling your dick NO after making it want me more than ever before. And who’s to say I won’t still do it. If you get too close, I’ll slice it off. I’ve fantasized about this for so long now and I think I’ve given your pee pee enough pleasure. Way more than you deserved. Show me you deserve your cage instead of my shears tonight.