Jasper Reed – Retrain Your Brain JOI

"Arriving home from an extremely long day, I’m ready to unwind and relax- But something is pressing on my mind; my brand new heels, soiled by the sweat and grime of the day. While you’ve been a good boy on your knees in the exact spot I left you, I did notice you ogling the pair as they clacked against the ground.. and your incessant boner. Eyes wide with anticipation, you watch me climb the counter and dangle my heels before you; your cock pressing harder to your zipper by the minute. You’re so desperate and depleted from waiting, you’d do anything to feel release.. but do you deserve it? You’re a stain in my sock; insignificant and meaningless without me. Sure, you have a preference for clean, silky smooth soles; soft and delicate tracing skin, but today your cock will answer to my demands. You will deep clean my heels and soles using your pathetic mouth, and you’ll stroke yourself as you do it. Today, I will retrain that brain and cock to never want again.. Only serve."