Helena and Larisa – Humiliation of slave with step-Sister Helena Dominant Femine

Larisa and her boyfriend (the slave) are arriving at Helena’s house. (Helena is the step-sister to the boyfriend and is disapointed he didn’t find a Polish girlfriend. ) At the start of the video Helena is siting in a chair dangling as Larisa and man walk in. Then Larisa sits on the other chair and starts to dangle. (There is tension in the air) and the man who is standing walks out (to grab their luggage), after some silence (because Larisa knows Helena doesn’t like her) the two women are sitting while dangling and looking around awkwardly. After a little bit [ 30 to 45 seconds] Helena walks out to see why her step-brother is taking so long. During this time focus is on Larisa whom is heel popping and dipping her shoes under the chair (preferably with the pose and view used in "Larisa’s New Shoes" video. [After 2 minutes,] Larisa hears both Helena and step-brother enter the room, she then returns back to dangle position as Helena sits back down. Helena then orders her step-brother to get her something to drink, then as he is walking away, Larisa (who is mad he didn’t ask her) commands her boyfriend to come to her. She then tells him what she wants to drink. Helena appears impressed of the dominating of Larisa. When boyfriend comes back with drinks (sets them on the table) Helena’s shoe falls off her foot and she orders her step-brother to pick it up and place it on her foot. While he is placing her shoe, Larisa’s shoe falls off. When the boyfriend doesn’t immidiately pick up the shoe, Helena kicks him and tells him: „put it back on Larisa’s foot.” (This is when both women know they are good friends. ) Larisa commands the man to get on his back and be their foot rest. Both women have a competition to see who can dangle both of their shoes off the fastest (over mans body). With Helenas feet on his face, she says "welcome back to your place step-brother, do you remember the smell of home now", then after spending some time drinking and relaxing they take off flats before the kneeling pose searching for photo album. Helena kicks her step-brothers face and tells him to get up. She grabs Larisa’s hand and takes her to a book shelf. (man is kneeling to the side of the ladies (to the right and almost out of scene)) The next scene they are side by side infront of the book shelf in the kneeling pose as Helena is looking for a photo album. After being in this pose [30 seconds to a minute] Helena finds the photo album. During this scene the man is kneeling to the side of the ladies (to the right and almost out of scene) and during this time Larisa who is in the middle gives him her empty glass. Once the photo album is found, the women then walk over to the couch for the last scene. At the couch the two women sit (Helena on the left, Larisa on right) and Helena commands her step-brother to get on "all fours" so he can be a foot stool. With their feet propped up (man’s head closer to Helena), the women look through the photo album and point out pictures. (This photo album has nothing but pictures of the man worshipping Helena and friend’s feet. ) Larisa and Helena laugh as they go through album. At times Helena puts her feet under her step-brothers lips and he kisses them. [After 2 or 3 minutes with the photo album, ] then Larisa says "after a long trip my feet need a massage" then Helena kicks the man to get him moving. While the women look through photo album/phone pictures, the man gets a foot rest (like the picture you sent with Larisa and Helena’s dirty feet) with pillows, and rubs they order him to rub their feet with massaging oil. They can also "take pictures" and laugh about sending it to their friends. [This happens for another few minutes] as the women laugh and make fun of the man, they are also crossing their feet at the ankles and Larisa is getting massaged. Then at the end, Helena says "we are going to bed but if you’re lucky there will be space at our feet" then she grabs Larisa’s hand and they walk off set while they man is still sitting there.