Harley LaVey – Beat It & Eat It On Aroma

Nothing beats indulging in your two greatest weaknesses at once. My body…and that heavily aroma. I know exactly how to make you weak because I know your kryptonite, my big juicy tits, curvy hips and my face of a supermodel, is enough to make you swoon on a regular day, but coupled with that sinful sniff juice, and it’s all over for you. You know that I bring out the ultimate pleasure in you all while encouraging you to sniff those stimulating fumes. I love a man who will indulge while getting all fucked up for me. They are so easily and intensely brought to a point of submission all for the sake of pleasure. They get so fucking horny when they’re high and a horny man is a easily manipulated man. I can make them do just about anything 🙂