Gwen – Whips a Slave for Purely Her Own Amusement Brat Princess

Gwen is texting with someone important to her. She sends her text and is waiting for a response. Waiting can be very boring. No Goddess should ever have to be bored. Thankfully, Gwen has thought ahead. She’s restrained a slave to a post so that she can whip him, purely for her own amusement, while waiting for the text response. She whips the slave for several minutes. The slave cries out in pain and its skin reddens. It has done nothing to deserve this. It’s very unfair that it must be whipped to spare its Goddess from merely a few minutes of boredom. But fairness is not Gwen’s concern. Her only concern is her own amusement. After several minutes of beating, Gwen checks her phone for a response. She leaves the slave tied to the post as she ignores it to reply to the more important texts.