GodScarlette – Ex-GF Foot Slave Contract

I hear the door rattle, but don’t care for the humble slave who appears. I order you to get everything prepared: My shoes, underwear, socks, towels, and then I recognize you! I almost can’t believe it, it’s impossible..? you’re My ex-boyfriend! At the time, you were rich and powerful. you lost your money, and were f-0rced to sign a slavery contract to My new boyfriend! I laugh hysterically, seeing you naked and collared. I know this will be fun.. I tell you to accept the situation, kneel down, and kiss My feet. I remind you that I have all the rights to you now, including wh!pp!ng you if you disobey Me. I’m surprised to see you obeying another man’s orders, just a weak, domesticated slave of a rich couple, including the Woman who was your Girlfriend in the past! Then I have an idea to test your submission! I throw My balled up panties at you, and order you to fetch them for My amusement! I tell you that you’ll be smelling My feet every single day to get used to it, you will learn to love the smell, like an obedient and whipped slave.. you will take care of My hair, My nails, and clean Us after bathing, and even after sex.. you are now just a servant, a lackey for your owners to use. I tell you how I will take you out in public, and all of our old friends will see you walking behind Me with your head down, obeying orders. When we go to parties, everyone will be shocked.. I show you how I’ll order you around, humiliating you in front of everyone.. "slave, get a drink for Us", "slave, sit on the floor at the feet of your Owners", "slave, hold My handbag while I drink", "slave, My friend doesn’t believe that you’re Our slave – kiss Our feet in front of Her". Maybe it would even be fun to tell My new boyfriend to extend your slave contract indefinitely, forever..