Goddexx Daphne – The Firm

Official Description: Welcome to the Firm!

Goddexx Daphne is the boss bitch at the firm, a tight-knit sisterhood of babes. The Firm is hiring, and Mickey Meow is chosen for the job. Goddexx’s right hand hottie Ravyn brings Mickey into Goddexx’s office, where Mickey gets a brief welcome before the fun really begins! In this 45 minute long scene, Goddexx, Ravyn and Iris initiate Mickey into the firm, which is quite a sexy and messy process.
Stroke yourself to this long and sizzling hot scene where Goddexx Daphne calls all the shots, making Mickey, Ravyn and Iris worship Goddexx and fuck each other however She chooses!
This scene involves gorgeous kissing, ass worship, spanking, strap-on sucking, fingering, pussy licking, strap-on sex, fucking, f isting and squirting!