Goddess Zia Regal – Hand Over Mouth Pack Compilation


I always knew that my friends husband is a cheater. So I decided to set him a tr@p. I was in their house when he came home. I told him that Im waiting on his wife. I hid a camera because I knew that he will try me. I was right! I told him that Im gonna show her the video he begged me and offered me some money. I told him I wont show her the proof if he does everything what I say from now on and become my slave… In this clip I make him suffer a lil bit, I control his breath… I enjoy that his life is in my hands literally I came home and I have found this lil loser napping on the couch. I got so angry how dares he to rest on the sofa when his place is on the floor and he knows that very well. He cant play with me, Im the boss here and he has to follow my rules! I punished him so hard I busted his pathetic face with my feet this way he will learn his lesson. I told him that he can be greatful that I even allow him to rest inside the house and not outside but if he does something like this again he has to rest outside in the cold. But now he just cant rest for 24 hours thats my decision:) After I smothered him with my feet I continued this cruel breath controlling game with my hands. I put my hands over his mouth till he couldnt take no more and he needed to breath. I waited till the last moment. I tried to take it to the edge. I love to have the control over him. I love to be cruel and make my slave suffer, its so much fun for me to see how he is trying to get some air but of course I barely let him 🙂 If I want to be even more cruel I sit on his chest that way he even has to struggle because of my weight so he gets less air and that way he cant move. I love to be in control and I love the feeling that I can even control over his life 🙂 to be continued…. Actually after all the punishment he got because he didnt cook dinner I was still angry at him and what made me even angrier because even tho I dont let him breath he still keeps talking. Its just very annoying that he cant shut the f*ck up so I started to play the hand over mouth game and I even chocked him besides that to make him speechless 🙂