Goddess Valeria – When nelly perfectly cleaned the dirt off My feet I stained them again Licking Girls Feet

For poor cleaning nelly pay with your tongue. I was unhappy with the cleaning quality of My stupid slave. And therefore she will be punished. When she finished vacuuming, I took out a bag of trash from the vacuum cleaner and shook it out on the floor. Then I got My feet dirty and ordered to clean My feet. I hope she will cope with this task better than cleaning the house. Nelly stuck out her tongue and ran it over My foot and collected a whole lump of dirt. I forbade her to swallow or spit until I saw a very large clot of dust on her nasty tongue. It was difficult for her because it was hard for her to breathe. But it amused Me and I spat in her face and mouth to make her look even more pathetic. Lumps of dirt rolled right down her throat and she coughed because of this. But she could not fail to cope with My assignment, even if it was difficult for her. After all, if she does not cope, she will face even harsher punishment or exile. But this bitch still cleaned My feet to make them shine. I praised this idiot and asked if she would still be so bad at cleaning the house. Of course she said no, because the punishment was too difficult and she would never want to repeat it again. Hahaha pathetic loser! Your desire is not taken into account, so I go and get My feet even more dirty in this dust. Here you have to see her reaction. Ahaha..