Goddess Madam Violet – The Subtle Art Of Absolute Power

Telling nested looped stories is a powerful trance technique that mesmerises you without you really knowing, primes your mind for the feelings, thoughts and behaviours I want from you, and with easy breezy seemingly harmless conversation ensures you DROP like a stone.

Just listen, don’t try to make anything happen. Just listen.

I’m your girlfriend (I know, crazy right) and we’re just chatting about our day. I start to tell you about mine, before finishing one story I seamlessly move into the next and then the next. Each story has a hidden meaning, triggering words and deep subliminal commands. Each one pulling you down deeper always without you realising until the SNAP and you drop.

I have an agenda. I have a plan. You are a tool in this plan, you have NO IDEA, because I ensure I mesmerise you FORGET. I tell you strip, I tell you to stroke, I tell you that you are MY BITCH, that your money is MINE, that your body is MINE, your mind is MINE and when I’m done with you I will discard you. I say cruel words that only make you harder – I broke you this way on purpose.

I make you sniff My ass like my good boy, tease you with my one perfect NIPPLE, my arse and tits, I tell you how you NEVER make me cum, yet I cum all the time, with real men. I encourage you to stroke as I systematically reveal everything in our life to be a lie, as I emasculate you with a smile, strip ALL power away from you with a sigh..

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I check my watch, ooops my current fuck toy will be over soon, time to put your cock away, wake you up and make sure you remember nothing.

Contains: mesmerise, NLP, nested loops, mind fuck, imbedded commands, leading and pacing, mental domination, girlfriend experience, powerful woman, ass worship, tit worship, nipple worship, jeans, orgasm denial, financial domination, masturbation encouragement, humiliation, femdom pov.