Goddess Gwen – Teacher Pantyhose Domme The Princess Boss

Come in and sit down, you haven’t been doing well in my class at all. I’m looking through your assignments and tests right now and I can see you haven’t passed a single one! What is it? too much work for you? Am I too hard? Do I put too much pressure on you? I’m afraid there is no way you will pass this class with the semester so close to ending. Well, maybe there is ONE Way… maybe if I make you my pantyhose slave, and you’re very obedient, maybe I’ll pass you. You will suck my hosed foot hard, I want to see you take as much of my foot in your mouth as you can, come one now, your grade depends on this! I know you want to jerk it to my hosed legs and feet, you can jerk your sad failing cock, but it will be while I smother you with my foot! Let’s see if you can cum before you pass out! lol