Goddess Gwen – Let Me Give You Purpose

You must be so tired of seeing masks, here you can take it off. Here with me you are free from virus talk, with everything that’s going on in the world right now you feel lost, confused, hopeless. With me you have purpose. With me you life has meaning, you live to serve. As you stroke your hard cock to my big tits, your mind is at ease, your world makes sense again. It is in this simple pleasure you take refuge, you find hope in serving me. You will become obsessed with me and the idea of pleasing me every day. So stroke now, stroke to my big tits, repeat after me "Goddess Gwen gives me purpose" yes my good boy, I will give you purpose. I will be your light in the dark, you will surrender to my will. My will be done. You are mine. NO need to feel isolated and hopeless anymore, you have me.