Goddess Fiona – Training the Gay Away: ANTI Coerced BI

So subby, it looks like you went a liiiiiittle too far down the Bisexual encouragement path didn’t you? You find yourself craving cock every single time you jerk off, every time you go to cum you just want to see a cock instead of a pussy huh? Well… NOT. ANYMORE. THIS STOPS NOW. You are going to jerk your cock for me and follow my JOI as I strip down fully nude bit by bit to shower you my sexy diving naked body, and FIRMLY encourage you to worship the female form in her divinity. You will love the slow strip tease, the “repeat after me”, the word by word animations, and of course the extreme HD spreadies and closeups of my gorgeous, gorgeous pussy. From this point forward there will be NO MORE DICK IN YOUR LIFE. NONE! None at all. You are to worship me, and women, and pussy, and the female form ONLY. No trans porn, no male porn, no futa porn…don’t try to make any loopholes. NO. You will worship this pussy, these perfect breasts. Everything feminine about me. You I will get you out of this mess. Don’t worry Subby. There won’t be any more dick in your future with my firm rules in place.