Goddess D and Constance – Bonding Over Dummy

Constance and I have dummy strapped to the bed and wow is he in for it. To be honest We don’t even go in with any kind of plan, but by the time this was all over with, we delivered the works. On top of that, We were GASSY. I managed to fart in his face twice and She even kind of farted on his dick!

This was just constant in any way we could dream up. Plenty of facesitting, ass smothering the traditional way and single cheek (which is one of Constance’s specialties). We delivered ballbusting, trampling, hand over mouth, foot on neck, feet in face, breast smothering and even a little nipple twisting.

Once We were about done with him we put him out in a double side-by-side facesit. He was really suffering from all Our torment, so We were kind to put him out of his misery for a little while!