Goddess Aura – Brainless Zombie Gooner Mind Infiltration Humiliation POV

Hello slave, this video has been designed to offer a level of gooning which is unbreakable. I recommend that you listen to this file daily for maximum effect. Now I want you to relax and get ready to absorb my voice. This is your time to relax and let go. To feel free. To explore ideas and goon for me. Breathe deeply as you continue to let my voice infiltrate your mind. Notice how gravity is pulling you deeper into your bed. You feel heavier. But as you do, you feel all of your tensions flowing from your body, making you lighter. Now feel yourself letting go, feel your mind letting go, feel your hand moving up and down on your cock. Your mind is becoming more relaxed as your cock gets harder.

All of your muscles are relaxing except for your hard cock. Now all you can feel is your cock. The more you listen to my soft voice, the harder you get. And now that your body is completely relaxed, it’s time to focus on relaxing the most important part, your mind. I will count you down, and as we move down through the numbers, you will feel your mind going more and more blank, until you enter a state of bliss, of nothingness. Complete relaxation and arousal. Your mind is empty and all of your muscles are relaxed, except for that cock. Allow your thoughts to drift away until your mind is free. A mind free of worries. So relaxing. Let go, let everything go. Your mind is completely empty as your cock throbs and pulsates with the images on your screen. It’s so relaxing to empty your mind and start pumping. Let go of any remaining thoughts and take that cock in your hand. Pump for me.

Now your mind is completely blank with only my voice to guide you. I am your Goddess Aura. Focus on the images you are watching on your screen. Concentrate only on me and pump while your mind absorbs my voice like a sponge. Let your mind be a sponge absorbing my words like water as you pump to the images of perfect Goddess Aura. Goon for me. With each day when you wake, all you will be able to think about is gooning for Aura. My voice will enter your mind and remind you that you are a gooner. Each day when you wake up, you will hear my voice and my words in your mind telling you that you are a gooner. A pumping machine, submitting to my whims. And that thought has now been planted and absorbed deep into your subconscious.

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Just goon for me. I am in your mind now. You are under my control now. Your cock is mine. And these thoughts will stay in your mind long after this trance has ended. I am rinsing your mind. Planting triggers. You will always be my gooner. These words will flow continuously through your mind. Each morning you will be instantly filled with the urge to pump for me. A deep urge that will intensify as the day continues. You will awaken with a craving, a craving that cannot be satisfied. No matter how much you pump, you will need to pump more. You want to goon for Aura. You need to. You just want to stay naked and goon for me. You have an overwhelming desire to goon. It will never leave you.

Your mind will be filled with the desire to goon. You will want to pump and submit and it feels so good. All other thoughts just fade deep into your subconscious and slowly fade away. Your new thoughts, your desire to goon will replace all other thoughts until they become natural reactions. You will try to leave your bedroom, you will try to go out and live your life, but every time you try, my words will guide you back to your room where you will goon again. There is nothing else but gooning. You must devote yourself only to me, only to gooning. Whenever your mind starts to drift, my words will reenter your mind and remind you that you need to goon, and only goon. Your only desire will be to be my brainless zombie gooner. You will be consumed by my voice. This is irreversible. You just want to be my gooner. You just want to pump for me. Nothing but pumping. Just goon for me.