Goddess Allexandra – I’m in Charge

Look at me; it’s so easy to see why I have always got what I wanted. I’ve always reduced men to blithering idiots. You don’t know what to say to me, and if you do pluck up the courage you mumble, or get your words mixed up. So cute and so sad.

I was in the popular gang at school, and was always the most talked about. I walked around with confidence, and exuded power. You either wanted to be me, or be in me, but you didn’t stand a chance. Fast forward to today, and nothing s changed, if anything I’ve only become more of a bitch.

I know how horny you are, and how fucking hard I make you. I’m such a tease, and of course I use it to my advantage. It does come with a price, duh. I am a goddess, and deserve to get paid just for being me. A hot brat, who get’s everything she wants.

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Paying me makes your dick harder, and makes your dick bigger 😉 Once you have opened your wallet I’m going to have my wicked way from you. This will be a wank to remember. Nothing makes your dick this hard, nothing. Not only will you love it, you will keep coming back
for more. I will the naughty secret habit that you just can’t kick.