Goddess Allexandra – Busting Your Balls

This is what you deserve, what you need, what you crave. You get to meet me, all your dreams have come true. I extract what i want from you, as you hand over your cold hard cash, which you have just withdrawn. You are on your knees, as you count it over. I tell you to stand up, and without warning i punch you in the balls. I don’t just punch them once, i do it over and over, laughing as i do. I am going to show you exactly how hard i punch, you can tell i lift weights 😉 Between ball beatings, i am going to tease you with my body, and disarm you with my words. None of your friends know you are into this, it’s has always been your dirty desire, and it’s now our little secret. You will feel exactly where i have been for the next few days