Goddess Alexandra Snow – Trapped in the Cube

Oh look. It’s the great Gods Thor and Loki. Though I think great doesn’t really apply to you since you’re now bound and gagged by the Goddess Hela. Poor things. You look so sad all tied up like that. I’m here to inform you, your situation isn’t really going to improve from here, my poor little prisoners. You see, I’ve found this neat little cube in Odin’s stash of magical objects. I’ve heard tale it holds an Infinity Stone and that was just too sweet to pass up. So I’ve taken the tesseract for my own and combined it with my magic to make you a prison. I’m going to imprison you both in there forever and make you entertain me. I’ve infused this little prison with a lustful spell. As soon as you’re inside, your minds will only be able to think about fucking. I’m not leaving anyone else with you unfortunately, so you’re just going to have to settle for fucking each other. You’ll be endlessly sucking and fucking each other for the rest of time as I watch you two once-Gods. You’re in for a special kind of imprisonment, Thor and Loki. No magic can save you now.