Godddess Valeria and Lana – Two Mistresses Humiliate Two Slave Girls Licking Girls Feet

Valeria and Lana are best friends and today they have fun with two slave girls anna and zoe. They put their legs on a stand and order their slave girls to lick their soles. Pathetic slave girls carry out every humiliating order of their beautiful Mistresses. Slave girls crawl like pets from Valeria to Lana and the girls check which of the stupid slave girls worships the feet better. When Valeria doesn’t like how one of the slave girls licks her feet, she orders her to give herself a slap in the face. Valeria and Lana talk about various topics while petty losers lick their soles and toes. Girls humiliate their slave girls morally and laugh at them. (English subtitles)