Ginger Cris – Date Night With Daddy

I get so excited when I have date night with Dddy! He treats me like such a princess. But I know that he loves his filthy girl. I try to be a good girl.I swear I do. But after getting all ready for our date.I had a few extra minutes and I couldn’t resist the urge to have some filthy fun. It all starts with a beautiful, big shit that I smear all over my angelic face and neck. I have so much tension that I know I need to cum before meeting Dddy so I use one of the toys he’s left for me and I tease my little clit until I have a toe-curling orgasm. Now I’m at risk of being late for our date so I rush to get ready again. I can’t find my bra so I tie my tits super tight with electrical tape.and I put a beautiful, shiny plug into my ass to keep my urges happy. I slide back into my dress and I’m ready to go! Oh I still have shit on my face? I’m sure Dddy loves me this way.