Esoteric Fetish – 9 Religious Humiliation Clips

9 Religious Humiliation clips from Esoteric Fetish. Includes Femdom Humiliation, Religious Humiliation, Virgin Humiliation, JOI, Feet Worship and Verbal Humiliation. No full nudity but boobs are visible in 1 video and vagina is visible in 1 video where she is fucking a dildo. There are NO sex acts, all videos are solo and few include masturbation.

Descriptions of clips:

Esoteric Fetish – Arab Prom Virginity
You’re 18 & aching to finally loose your virginity already like the rest of your friends.. I know its against your Muslim religion to fuck, so I have a SPECIAL way for you to loose your virginity on prom night.

Esoteric Fetish – Eid alAdha
Celebrate your faith in Goddess. Pray & give gifts. Sacrifice by buying the clip of My beautiful pale body slithering like a snake in My bellydancing outfit. Obey My instructions if you seek release. Slaughter your bank account for Me instead of slaughtering livestock.

Esoteric Fetish – Muslim Mantras
Come listen to this sacred utterance, receive it’s psychological and spiritual powers. My body and words will induce an altered state of consciousness. This is a sacred formula and a deeply personal ritual, only successful after initiation. When you watch the video a second time, close your eyes and listen to My voice while mediating. Start to repeat with Me. I want to transcend all of your mental activity. This is the ultimate reality of life. Repeat the mantra long enough to stop all compulsive thoughts. Slowly let the mantra quiet down to a whisper in your mind. Start the mantra again if thoughts of Muhammad or guilt intrude.

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Esoteric Fetish – Milad un Nabi
This is the perfect holiday to renounce your Muslim religion and begin anew worshiping Me as your Muhammad. Become mesmerized and seduced by My gold shiny tits. Obey and submit to the new life plan I have for you, “The Five Pillars of Goddess”.

Esoteric Fetish – Ramadan JOI
Buy this clip to find out the ONLY way I’ll let you cum while you hide from your family during Ramadan.

Esoteric Fetish – Spitting on your Quran
Highly requested clip; a nice teaser before Ramadan starts 😉

Esoteric Fetish – Muslim Exorcism
After meeting a evil jinn, I become possessed and cock hungry. The Zabaniyah control Me from the inside.. and they are coming for you next for watching this clip..

Esoteric Fetish – Satan’s School For Girls
Bible Fucking 101

Esoteric Fetish – Muslim Mesmerize
Mesmerize mp3 clip for My muslim slaves. Use headphones in a dark room for full effect. Whispers and echos that sink into your weak mind.

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