ElektraMilks – Stay still and don’t you dare make a mess! My toes and fingers want to play!

Hands tied on the bed behind his head, ankle spreader to keep his legs open, mask on his eyes.
Time to play.
My fingers and toes are dancing sensually on his glans and frenulum. There is no defense against my feet. When they want to play they will milk anyone in a matter of minutes.
Just a few strokes of ball massage & ball squeezing, just a little dancing of my toes, slowly sliding down his glans and his dick is instantly rock hard. Foolproof technique, everytime I swear I can feel his juices travel up his shaft.
But resisting or trying to escape my slaps really annoys me.
He failed to behave obediently very early on, I guess he doesn’t fear enough the cruel side of me.
Ties tightened, mouth gag on his mouth so he can’t say a word and I’m ready to start my favorite part.
Sudden slaps and kicks on his balls, trampling/squeezing using my feet and toes. A painful agony for him.
You wanted me to take care of you sensually and slowly? A loving handjob with no pain? Perhaps you should have learnt to stay still and silent while I’m doing whatever I want to your dick and balls.
Lesson for next time: Endure every sick kink I lash out on you like a good slave and if I’m satisfied I might reward you with a real orgasm.
But I decided to give you what you asked. A nice and slow handjob.
My fingers will polish your glans and frenulum sensually.
Exactly your kind of handjob, but I will start after I empty you. In case you change your mind just say ‘stop’ and the game is finished 😉
Lets play!