Donabella Makes Pathetic Loser Lick Her Dirty Feet Clean

Donabella calls Little Mouse over for a favor and tells him she has a surprise for him. Donabella raises her dirty ashy feet up to his face and demands he lick them CLEAN. Mouse says, “Yes Mistress” and goes to work on Donabella’s filthy soles.
Donabella wants Mouse to take his time licking the dirt off her feet. She demands long slow licks. He drags his tongue up and down her soles. She’s amused by his obedience. Donabella humiliates Mouse and makes him stick dirty tongue for all of you to see. She laughs hysterically at his pathetic behavior.
Little Mouse cleans one of Donabella’s feet completely, but she has another filthy dirty foot for him. She smacks him and up and demands another good job on her other foot. She verbally barks out orders in English and Portuguese with her dirty feet propped up in front him. Mouse has A LOT of FILTH to clean up.
Just when Mouse thinks he’s done his job, Donabella gets up and walks in more cigarette ash, making her feet muddy with dirt and his saliva. She wants him to work overtime on her feet. Mouse gets a little lazy with his effort, so Donabella grabs his head and pushes it into her soles with her nice ass right above his head.