Divine Goddess Jessica – Leg Lover Stroke Session

I’ve been working out a lot lately and it shows. I meant to just film a 5-second leg appreciation overlay for a mindfuck clip, but it turned into a 10-minute leg JOI. I just couldn’t stop staring at my legs in the camera! They are ripped. They are so perfectly sculpted and sensually supple. They move with grace and when they flex the muscles pop right out. My calves are rock hard and they bulge when I flex them. My hamstrings are swollen and firm. They are powerful, well-trained, strong. Stronger than yours, I’m sure. The lines of the muscles carve their way all the way up my legs. You will admire them at every angle. You’ll stroke and gaze and gape and admire them, like a good leg bitch. Maybe next time I’ll oil them up first. 😉