Dirtybetty – Eww! Dirty Stinky Hairy Armpits 14.01.2022 ScatShop

A stunning dirty girl is having a real mess in her bathroom!
A huge load of shit slowly creeps out of her huge horny and smelly ass!
She greedily inhales the aroma of her shit, dissolving in excitement and the desire to bathe in her stool!
At some point, she is attracted by the smell of her armpits and she decides to make them appetizing!
Smearing layers of her own fresh, fragrant, and warm shit all over her face, body, and her hairy armpits!
Drowning in her excitement and aromas, she tumbles in her excesses, revealing her true animal magnetism!
The author’s soundtrack created especially for this video, excellent angles, and a slightly surreal atmosphere will drive you crazy and plunge you into your deepest desires!
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