Daisy B – Tequila 2 04.01.2021 TheLifeErotic.com

This erotically charged movie opens with a shrine to tequila – an elegant bottle is surrounded by flickering black candles. Enter Daisy B – tall with long, raven-black hair, deep-brown eyes and a sexy beauty mark. She is barefoot and naked aside from an ankle-band and black tape framing her huge, erect nipples, and she flaunts her beautiful breasts and unshaved pussy as she climbs onto a table next to the shrine.
She lights another candle as an offering, then moves her manicured hands quickly through the flames, feeling their heat before running her fingers over her nude curves. Then she tilts the candle and drips hot wax over her belly and full black bush.
Next, she takes another candle – longer and unlit this time – and splays her thighs to bare her pink. She grinds the wax shaft against her slit and clit to get her juices flowing, then moans with pleasure as she dips it inside of her snatch. Soon, she pumps it rhythmically in and out, moaning as she engulfs all but the top inch or so. This, however, is only the first part of her ritual.
She retrieves the tequila – the candles have now burned out – and she slides the butt-end of the bottle into her hairy pussy. Its girth is fairly small and slender but large enough to stretch her slippery hole wide open. Daisy continues to pound herself hard and fast, slurping-wet now, then moans as she churns the bottle deep inside of her, bringing herself to an intense orgasm.
She pulls the bottle out slowly and her empty, cream-oozing pussy tightens once again. She licks her juices off of the smooth glass, then rubs it against her slit. She savors one more taste before putting the tequila back on the shrine unopened, then walking away, belly still spattered with hardened splashes of the wax…


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