CountessDionysus – Sprinkle and Poop 44 ScatShop Request

Countess Dionysus aka Countess Scat delivers another Sprinkle and Poop feature. This is a special feature that focuses on extra long poop. Some of you bois crave long firm pieces of shit that you can pick up and play with prior to eating. Then there are those of you who desire softer turds that can slide directly down your filthy throats. Whichever your choice please be advised that the goal is the same. FULL CONSUMPTION. Now watch this clip intently as My delicious golden nectar drizzles from My sweet pussy while I dump huge loads and loads of shit. Look out below and open wide cause I’ve got something to stuff inside your eager and hungry throat. Just be sure to swallow every delicious turd. After you’ve finished feasting I will allow you to clean My messy gloves. That’s right scat lovers I have made a terribly delicious mess because I’ve picked up My delicious pile for your viewing pleasure. I know you toilet sluts just can’t get enough of this beautiful Ebony ass and it’s delicious brown treats. So take your time and lick nice and slow, slow and deep, deep and long.hmmmm. That dirty tongue feels so good. don’t stop slut! Be sure to rim My sweet asshole just the way I like it. Happy Licking!




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