Countess Jezebeth – Oh fuck

The moment you look in My eyes, you drop. My face in itself is a trigger. I love how powerful My gaze is, I love how much it affects you, knocks you down, down down.
I’m in your lap and My gaze has you in paralysis. I sink you into trance. It’s effortless. I was born to mesmerize men. Your body tingles and twitches and aches under Me. Your cock leaking uncontrollably for Me, under Me. I love the torment. I love the desperation. I love seeing just how subby I can make you.
I have "it," you know? I have a way about Me that just steals your soul. You feel yourself slipping under more and more the longer I sit here. Every blink makes you fall deeper, deeper, deeper..
Our souls are intertwining, this is the most intimate you have ever felt with Me. It’s getting harder to withstand it. Your receptive, malleable mind is leaking, dripping.. drip, drip drip.
How long will this go on for? Will I let you cum and free you? Could you ever be free again?