Countess Jezebeth – Beta Sex

Here’s a special clip that you can play each and every time you get rejected by a girl in real life. Our time together is all about helping you accept rejection as a key part of your beta sexuality. So if you got rejected today, you’re in the right place. Think of today’s rejection as foreplay before you get to have sex. That’s right. You’re gonna have sex today! Every time you get rejected you get ‘sex’! Not real sex, silly, but beta handsex! In no time you’ll be looking forward to your next rejection, knowing it means you get to spend a little extra time with me, having more sex. Stroke for me. I’m gonna do my part to make your sex even better. Taking my socks off in your eyes is me getting naked. You like seeing some beta nudity, don’t you? You’re going to stroke to these sexy little soles because it’s the only true sex you deserve. I think we both know where your useless cum belongs, that’s right, right into the toilet. This is all your sex life will be. Rejection and beta handsex. No pussy. No tits. No ass. No real intimacy. No gentle feminine touch. Just you and your hand.