Clara Trinity – Meeting BRICKZILLA

This is "Meeting Brickzilla!!" OMG this cock was INSANELY big. Like fucking mammoth. You may have seen the pics where you could see his cock was as long as my arm and with more girth! hahaha In this almost 40 minute clip, I strip down in close-up, get oil all over my body, and then in POV, I get to play with the enormous cock for the very first time 🙂 I had so much fun with it, and he popped a huge, creamy cumshot, too! Then we have a little shower fun to finish things off. You seriously don’t wanna miss this one xo
Clara gets oiled up as she strips out of her little outfit with the occasional grope here and there. Once she’s naked she gets on her knees and flops out that huge black cock and gives it a two handed handjob and tries to fit it in her mouth but can hardly get the tip in.
She continues to wank him off and then gives him a titfuck, footjob and teases her pussy over the dick. She manages to get it in a bit further for a sort of blowjob but its really just the tip. She sucks his balls while he finishes himself off and he pops a big load over himself. Clara picks up the dick and kisses the end a little but no cumshot on Clara. They end in the shower as he washes her down from all the oil, but again no fucking etc. in the shower.
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