CatClaw – Real Man or Premature Ejaculator

We’ve been out on a couple of dates and i have a surprise for you.It’s time for a second base.I’ll let you play with my big,perfect tits.You’ll touch them,squeeze them,maybe even slide your dick between them…but wait,why are you so hard already?I’m just talking about it,you haven’t even seen them yet.Could it be that you’re a premature ejaculator?Is that the reason you’re so hard and horny and we haven’t even started yet?A real man could handle my amazing tits,but i don’t think you can.I think you’re just a horny loser,too weak and too quick for me.I bet my tits will make you cum prematurely.Prove me wrong.I’ll tease you while you’re jerking off,focused on my tits,and if you pass the challenge i’ll let you play with them, but if you cum too fast,we are braking up,and you’re taking a walk of shame with cum stains all over your pants on your way out, premie!