Brookelynne Briar – Teachers Tug Along JOI

You decide stop by your teacher’s office to speak to her regarding a grade that you received on your most recent exam. You open the door and wander in without knocking first, only to catch your professor furiously jerking her cock! You had no idea that she had a cock, let alone one so huge! When you do finally remember to knock, she is shocked and tries to hide her raging erection. She scolds you for not knocking first, but then notices how aroused you are. She decides to masturbate her huge cock in front of you and instructs you to do the same. You are fascinate and incredibly turned on. She edges and instructs you for what seems like an eternity before finally flipping over onto her back, with her legs in the air, so that she can jerk off on her own face. She begs for you to also cum all over her as well. Once she is a sticky, cum-covered mess she agrees to increase your exam score but insists that the two of you continue to meet and discuss your future grades.